SKINCARE Alchimie Urban Spa: Transform your skin with 100% natural formulas in Brussels

SKINCARE Alchimie Urban Spa: Transform your skin with 100% natural formulas in Brussels

Alchimie’s story began in Brussels with the design of a range of natural and highly effective products.

Alchimie urban spa and hair art is a wellness space founded in 2015 by Anda Burcea. This wellness area is characterized by its own range of 100% ethical cosmetic products.

5 years of development

Before settling in Brussels, Anda Burcea and her mother Mirela worked a lot. Mirela Brucea has 20 years of experience in academic biotechnology research and Anda studied environmental biotechnology and specializes in beekeeping cosmetology and herbal medicine. They have therefore been able to combine their knowledge to offer natural solutions to the skin problems of the inhabitants of Brussels while maintaining an ecological, ethical and sustainable approach. Their range of highly effective natural products that have been validated by scientific studies. All products used and sold by the Alchimie brand are made in Belgium.

Become an Alchemist

fresh start

Start your day with a pleasant awakening. Take care of yourself with this cream which does not attack your skin while cleaning it 100%.

Fresh start: Fucocert, Organic babassu oil, Organic castor oil - Alchimie Urban Spa

morning mist

Refresh yourself before leaving home! This mist that moisturizes, limits excess sebum and regulates the pH of your facial skin.

Morning mist: Fucocert, High molecular weight hyaluronic acid, Organic Aloe Vera - Alchimie Urban Spa


Protect your skin against the streets of Brussels. This day cream is characterized by its antioxidant, restorative and revitalizing properties. Prevent the signs of aging daily and naturally to keep your facial skin looking its best.

Day dream: organic jojoba oil, IBR-Pristinzer®, Schizophyllan, Hippophae rhamnoides - Alchimie Urban Spa

rise and shine

The true elixir of youth in Brussels. This skin treatment allows you to reduce wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles while preserving elasticity by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in your skin.

Rise and shine: Roman chamomile, Holy grass, Centella - Alchimie Urban Spa

You can order these products directly from their website and pick them up in store within 24 hours.

Natural skin care in Brussels

Your experience is personalized when you come to their salon. They determine the needs of your skin to provide it with the active ingredients necessary for its protection and balance. Always respecting the link with nature, the living room Alchemy Urban Spa offers you a wide variety of treatments ranging from facials to body treatments, including various rituals and beauty treatments. You even have the option of receiving some treatments with a partner!

Various treatments are offered by the salon such as slimming treatment or lymphatic drainage. Benefit afterwards from a waxing, pedicure, manicure and a treatment of the eyebrows and eyelashes, everything is there! All these treatments are personalized and the focus is on your well-being, so you can combine our different services as you wish to feel radiant all year round.

More than a ritual, an out of body experience

The Alchimie Urban Spa salon also offers you several rituals, relaxation experiences that combine all the senses as for the Ayurveda ritual. You will spend a moment of relaxation with pleasant scents, varied massages always lavished by expert hands, a luminous intensity inviting you to let go… The cozy atmosphere of this spa is ensured by competent and very pleasant staff.

High-end equipment and products for a unique experience - Alchimie Urban Spa

As the life of the people of Brussels is far from being easy, Alchimie offers you the detox ritual. This combines massages, hydrotherapy and infrared sauna to ensure relaxation and release of toxins. Once your body is cleansed, you will feel more fit and less subject to the physical inconveniences of everyday life.

Meet at 222 Rue du Trône, 1050 Brussels to benefit from their spa and hair salon. Also meet them in their skin studio at 15 rue du Prince Royal, 1050 Brussels.

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