So Shape, the gourmet ally to keep in shape: reviews!

So Shape, the gourmet ally to keep in shape: reviews!

So Shape: the gourmet partner for all your fitness resolutions

Edo you want to be a little more in shape every day? Then So Shape can become your best friend! Building on its success on social networks (the most followed company on TikTok in France!), the French brand has made it its mission to help you take care of yourself without depriving yourself. It’s not just a simple slimming solution, but various innovative solutions that are safe, simple, effective and tasty that allow you to take care of your shape, regardless of your age or your body type. With So Shape, you can finally find a sustainable solution to solve all your problems in terms of nutrition and weight management. With So Shape Challenges, you can shed pounds the healthy way while creating the essential routines that will keep you healthy every day. Thanks to So Shape snacks, you can eat less sugar without depriving yourself. You can also stock up on vitamins with So Shape super nutritious drinks. And, great news, you can also stay well hydrated by drinking more, thanks to the mini mixes which naturally give your water the taste of zero calorie and zero sugar fruit. In the rest of this article, we will zoom in on this healthy partner who can support you in your short and long-term fitness goals!

So Shape: making smart “food swaps”

So Shape allows you to lose weight easily but also to make intelligent “food swaps”, that is to say “exchange” your little pleasures with gourmet products full of good nutrients without superfluity. So you keep a balanced diet throughout the day, without depriving yourself! Your bad habits become good routines!

Today, it is easy to overeat while being malnourished. The foods we generally eat contain a lot of bad calories that only provide sugar or saturated fats. In other words, the nutrients that our body needs are absent, but the elements that can harm our health are more than present. The observation is clear, the consequences of this diet on health, weight and energy are harmful. We feel more and more tired every day and weight and health problems accumulate.

The solutions offered by So Shape aim to solve this problem that concerns us all. The brand has one objective: to take care of the shape of all French people in a gourmet and simple way, therefore more accessible for all. Regardless of age, sex, weight, size, lifestyle, everyone can enjoy the benefits of So Shape products. It’s not a classic diet brand that offers yet another slimming diet. Instead of offering low-calorie products that do not provide more complete nutrition, the brand is part of a healthy nutrition approach that aims in particular to provide an optimal intake of vitamins and minerals, to allow you to be really fit. With So Shape, it’s not just about losing a few pounds but about eating better by adopting healthy and sustainable routines over the long term.

Its holistic vision of the form allows the brand to offer foods with a better calorie-nutrition ratio. Less sugar, more protein, vitamins and minerals, this is the solution to live healthier. In addition, the group makes it a point of honor to respect quality labels that are both good for people and for the planet (products without GMOs, vegan or vegetarian, etc.). And all this without giving up taste and pleasure. If you were tired of complicated slimming diets, you will be surprised by the simplicity of So Shape solutions, which really are for everyone!

The birth of So Shape

So Shape is a real success made in France founded by two friends, including a doctor of pharmacy passionate about nutrition.

While Isl were always busier, the two friends tested classic meal replacements: the only products that could be associated with weight loss by the regulations, because they included the daily intake necessary to not miss anything. But while it worked perfectly on paper, in reality they lacked the variety, taste, and practicality to work in real life. Not to mention the round trips to the pharmacy… That’s why they decided to create – after asking the best agri-food engineers in the country – the So Shape Challenge: 5, 14 or 28 days of complete meals at less than 250 calories , varied and tasty enough to really work, and delivered at once to the house to really get started and achieve your goal! What follows is a 100% French and independent company, with more than 1 million followers on the platforms, an award for innovative packaging, and world-class French innovations. All self-funded! It is therefore on the strength of this success – and to continue its fitness care mission – that the startup (which has integrated its own production unit), has launched its healthy snacks and hydration aids on the market.

Opinion on Challenges and smart foods So Shape

Because So Shape likes simplicity, the brand has created smart foods that will allow you to be at the top of your form and your well-being without disrupting your daily life. Forget unnecessary foods and eat in a healthier way without giving up flavors. With So Shape solutions, everything becomes simpler. This is why the French brand is number 1 on TikTok in France and why it enjoys great success in the United States. With smart foods, taking care of your shape is no longer so complicated!

To do you good every day, you just have to savor. It is important not to take the pleasure out of your diet because it is what allows you to put in place sustainable daily routines. This is why So Shape has bet on taste, simplicity and practicality to create its healthy and delicious meals. Simple habits that you can stick to for the long term are how you will achieve your goals. One small step each day for a big win in the end!

And all you have to do is take a look on the Internet to realize that the opinions on the So Shape Weight Loss Challenges are very positive. They allow you to lose weight effectively but healthily in 5, 14 or 28 days. And you don’t have to give up taste and good nutrients. You just need to take 2 So Shape meals a day, keeping one meal free to lose weight. It’s simple, pleasant and it works. So, it’s time to stop depriving yourself and simply live healthier!

Reviews of BRKFST snacks

So Shape is also revolutionizing your breakfast with its BRKFST snacks. Thanks to So Shape zero or low sugar cookies, bars, granolas, muffins and pancakes, you will no longer need to make efforts to reduce your sugar consumption.

With these foods low in sugar and high in protein, you will be in shape without depriving yourself. And then, it must be said that it is delicious and that it puts you in a good mood in the morning. BRKFST solutions allow you to eat less sugar, whether at home or at work. Indeed, there are ready-to-eat products that you can take with you everywhere!

So Shape: additional flavored hydration

And after having revolutionized breakfast with BRKFST low-sugar snacks, So Shape is expanding its offer by betting on hydration with the Walter range. As a true expert in fitness care resolutions, the brand now offers hydration routines. It’s brand new and it will allow you to drink more while avoiding consuming sodas, sugary juices or coffees. The Walter Mini-Mixes, which contain vitamin C and magnesium, were released in October 2022 and are already a hit.

They naturally give a delicious fruit taste to your water, and that with zero sugar and especially zero calories. If you find water boring, you’ll love this solution that will help you avoid fatigue and enjoy the many benefits of good hydration. Walter from So Shape is the best water that allows you to drink more every day. You will finally be able to enjoy vitaminized and above all flavored hydration. This new long-term routine completes the eating less sugary routines with So Shape snacks, and fills up on vitamins and nutrients with My So Shape Routine. The objective is to allow you to have results in the short term and to maintain them in the long term!

Reviews of Walter from So Shape

Not drinking enough? Don’t like water? Would you like to be more hydrated every day? So try Walter from So Shape to drink more water while enjoying the taste of every sip. The principle is very simple, you just have to choose your favorite flavor:

  • Blackcurrant peach flavored mini-mix;
  • Mango flavored mini-mix;
  • Lychee flavored mini-mix;
  • Pineapple flavored mini-mix;
  • Watermelon flavored mini-mix;
  • Mini-mix coconut lemon flavor.

So you choose your favorite taste and you receive a set of 30 sticks. You only need to use 1 stick for 500 ml of water. You just have to open the stick and pour it into 50 cl of fresh water before shaking so that the powder and the water mix. It’s good for your health because the products contain no sugar, no artificial flavors, no preservatives, no caffeine, it’s vegan and it’s calorie-free.

Plus, Walter Mini-Mixes are good for the planet. They allow you to drink better while eliminating the use of plastic bottles or cans. The packaging of the sticks is made of paper and thanks to them you can flavor the water wherever you find it.

With its hydration routine, it must be said that So Shape has found an alternative to coffee. Indeed, we tend to consume a lot of coffee every day to gain energy and to stay active and focused. Unfortunately, this is not healthy because too much caffeine can cause adverse health effects. With a Walter stick, you fill up on energy, vitamins and minerals in a natural way without having to turn to caffeine.

Walter is the 100% clean solution for adopting a new daily hydration routine. Zero sugar, zero calories, vegan, zero caffeine, zero preservatives and only natural flavors for an intense taste in the mouth. With this stick rich in magnesium and vitamin C, you can say goodbye to fatigue while enjoying incredible and deliciously fruity flavors. You can discover the 6 sweet and fruity flavors and choose the one that makes you vibrate the most. Drinking more will finally become a real pleasure!

So Shape: the ambition to do even better

You will have understood that So Shape is an innovative brand which has many ambitions for its French products. In a process of continuous innovation, the group works hard every day to develop its offer and satisfy you even more.

You should know that So Shape has its own R&D team and its own manufacturing center. The founders of So Shape constantly show creativity to offer ever simpler, more innovative and more practical solutions. For the brand, creativity is essential. That’s why she spends a lot of time on her beautiful packaging.

The primary objective is to take care of your form by providing you with effective solutions. And the So Shape community thanks them: all you have to do is consult the opinions of Internet users to realize that So Shape is always closer to its customers and that it is a brand that listens to consumers. It is with you that it advances step by step to offer you quality products that can revolutionize the way you eat and live on a daily basis.

What will be the next healthy innovations from So Shape to help you eat and drink healthily? You can constantly follow all the brand’s projects and news on its networks, but also on its website!

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