The advertising function of packaging –

The advertising function of packaging -

The communication of a brand can be carried out in various ways, with various tools, for various supports. It’s an art that can be mastered with good training, but also with the help of good observation skills. Communicating through packaging is an advertising practice that is not new. Here is in a nutshell what there is to know about it.

Packaging, to protect the products, but not only

Before being a prime promotional item, packaging is above all an element that is an integral part of the product. In fact, just because it can be separated from it when unpacking it doesn’t mean the packaging isn’t useful. In any case, it is not there just to look pretty. Packaging is a perfect way to preserve the product. Whether during handling or during the period when the product is displayed on the shelf, packaging plays a protective role. It must therefore be particularly suited to this function.

What should also be noted is that the design of the packaging, in addition to aiming for optimal preservation of the product, also makes it possible to present the brand’s commitments. These commitments relate to ecology. A company’s choice of product packaging may reflect its position on current environmental issues. This can have a significant impact on consumers. Let’s not forget that the climatic situation has become the concern of a large number of them. Agreeing with the company’s target customers can significantly promote its product. All of this should lead the brand to print advertising packaging with more thoroughness.

Sending a message through packaging

The packaging is undoubtedly one of the first things one notices of a product presented for sale. It is therefore a crucial element in the communication of a brand. The packaging can be used for various purposes including the sale of the product, but also to convey a message that is dear to the company. This message can be conveyed through text, an illustration, or colors.

In any case, the company will be able to talk about something else, apart from its product, while using it. It is not uncommon for organizations that have nothing to do with the company to ask the company to get people talking about them. The packaging of a product has a much wider function than that of being an advertising item for the brand. The main advice that can be given to the company is to choose the message to be associated with its brand. This decision will have to be made after much thought and good observation.

Packaging to promote other brand products

A brand can have several products in its range. All of these products will need to be promoted in order to make sales. Sometimes companies may have a tight budget or they also want to invest in other departments. Proposing well-thought-out packaging is a more than interesting trick. In fact, what is needed is to find a way to present the other products in the range through a unique packaging. It is for example possible to offer visibility to these products on the same packaging.

This will have the effect of making consumers aware of the elements that make up the complete range of the brand. This can be very effective in a range of cosmetic care for the hair. The company may consider creating specific packaging for a promotional offer. On the packaging, the visual of a routine of a given type of hair may be offered. The visual will include, among other things, the shampoo, the conditioner and also the hair mask of the range.

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