the benefits of this slimming, health and beauty ally

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If oatmeal isn’t yet a regular part of your diet, that’s likely to change. Health benefits, satiating food, you will adopt it.

To be healthy, you need to eat a balanced diet. Many French people have already fully integrated oatmeal into their plates. If this is not your case yet, we bet that will change. Oat flakes are a whole grain with many health benefits: lower cholesterol, digestion, hydration, antioxidants, oat flakes are also a slimming ally of size. And icing on the cake, there are many delicious and easy recipes with oatmealfor each moment of the day.

Oatmeal and health: the benefits

If oat flakes are popular, it is above all for their many health benefits. Integrated into a balanced diet, they have positive effects on different things. The oatmeal helps lower cholesterol. It’s not magic, it’s biology. Oat flakes are rich in fiber and in particular in beta-glucan, which has the effect of the reabsorption of bile salts in the intestine and therefore the drop in the rate of production of bad cholesterol.

But beta-glucans are not the only nutritional benefit of rolled oats. Oat flakes contain a lot of minerals and trace elements in large quantities: phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnum or even potassium. Essential elements for a balanced diet and which ensure the good health and the strengthening of the immune system and that of the bones for example. Eating oatmeal daily or regularly helps to have a strong organism.

In addition, oat flakes are gluten-free, and therefore represent a very interesting food for people intolerant to gluten. It is a food also recommended by doctors in the context of several diseases and in particular type 2 diabetes because it allows lower blood sugarand therefore to “control” the production of insulin.

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Do oatmeal help with weight loss?

In addition to their benefits on cholesterol or the immune system, oatmeal is often eaten to lose weight. For lose weight with oatmeal, no need to consume pounds every day. But, regularly integrated into the diet, the oatmeal helps to lose weight, or in any case to keep a balanced diet. Their high fiber content allows them to be a helps in digestion and in particular to help transit in a significant way.

Eating oatmeal therefore helps to fight against constipation on the one hand, and regular and strong intestinal transit is necessary in a logic of weight loss. But the oat flakes have an appetite suppressant effect also renowned, which allows them to be a major ally for those who wish to lose weight. Oat flakes are a satiating food, which accelerates the feeling of satiety and therefore comes to limit the quantities of food ingested. Oat flakes help avoid snacking.

What are the differences between rolled oats and oat bran?

There is a difference between rolled oats and oat bran. The flakes, thicker, and “big” are more caloric but contain more nutrients and vitamins. They digest better and provide more energy. the Oat bran, with a finer appearance and consistency, is obtained from the husk of the cereal. It is less caloric, but also less rich from a nutritional point of view and consumed in too large quantities, can have an unpleasant “laxative” effect.

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The benefits of oatmeal for skin and hair

It’s not just on the plate that oat flakes have their benefits recognized. Oat flakes have recognized benefits on skin and hair. The trace elements and minerals they contain and which we mentioned above are essential for having elastic and firm skin, as are the antioxidants and vitamin E present in large quantities. Many beauty products for the skin, face or hair have therefore incorporated oats into their formula. Oatmeal Day Cream, oat shampoo or even an oatmeal skin mask, you can’t go wrong.

How to eat oatmeal?

To eat oatmeal, you have several solutions. You can eat them as they are, simply mixed with heated milk, what our British and American neighbors call a Porridge. But for those who would not like this consistency, know that you can incorporate oatmeal into your diet other. You can sprinkle it on a bowl of cottage cheese and fresh or dried fruit.

You can also make recipes with oatmeal, cakes, cookies or oatmeal muffins if you prefer to have something to literally put in your mouth. Finally, you can use them for savory recipes and for example, make a savory crumble with oat flakes, or bread chicken strips with oat flakes, or even make a quiche dough with flakes of oats. Thus, the oatmeal can be eaten at different meals of the day.

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