These tips for protecting yourself from the blue light of phones!

Ces astuces pour bien se protéger de la lumière bleue des téléphones !

Did you know that the light phone blue damage the skin? Until now, we knew the problems it could cause to our eyesight. But we were far from knowing the dangers for our skin. And they are many ! Some cosmetic brands have launched a line skin care specialized in combating the effects of this light transmitted by artificial sources like electronic devices. The sun also transmits this “visible light”, but we tend to protect ourselves from it. The problem is when we are at home and we forget to protect ourselves. We explain how blue light damages the skin and how to protect it.

Electric light bulbs, screens phones or tablets, but also television and computers, 40% of the visible radiation emitted by these devices is blue light.

“One of the main skin problems caused by blue light is the destruction of collagen fibers.” LFacialderm team explains that the feeling of dryness that one can feel when working with a laptop or computer is due to blue light. “It also causes the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, lines of expression. And stains”.

blue light
Photo: Facialderm

Booster 05, anti-pollution and blue light serum, from Facialderm (€36), protects and repairs the skin from the effects of this light thanks to its formula rich in antioxidants. It has restorative benefits and agents anti-aging.

“Exposure to blue light for hours stimulates the activation of melanocytes, which promotes the appearance of spots” also warns Cantabria Labs. Before pointing out that the stress caused by this light on the cells “is capable of lasting up to 48 hours after exposure”.

Cosmetics that protect the skin from blue light generally contain antioxidant active ingredients. Ideally, they should also contain UVA sun protection. Like the Abeille Royale Skin Defense cream from Guerlain (€68).

Cantabria Labs recommends using products that contain “vitamin C, ferulic acid. Or vitamin E, capable of fighting free radicals”, such as Endocare Radiance C Ferulic Edafence Serum (€55).

The negative effects of blue light

Continuous use of devices has been shown to cause insomnia due to overexposure of the brain to light. Scientists have shown that blue light suppresses the release of melatonin, the hormone that signals the brain that it’s time to sleep.

For those moments of insomnia, Kneipp has developed the spray Complete Instant Sleep. It helps reduce the time it takes to fall asleep.

The use of digital screens therefore obliges eyes to make a greater effort of concentration. That’s why, increased exposure to this type of light can cause headaches, red eyes, dryness and eye fatigue.

Specialists recommend using glasses with a special filter. At Goodbye, Rita, in addition to models for adults, matching models are also available for the youngest members of the family.

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