Tik Tok – Decryption of these makeup tips that are making the buzz this fall 2022

Tik Tok – Decryption of these makeup tips that are making the buzz this fall 2022

Tik Tok, this social network is one of the most influential of the year 2022. ordinary people, stars or influencers of the whole worldeveryone has fun sharing a few moments of life but above all their daily beauty tips. Foundation mixed with water for a streak-free result Where plunge his head into a basin of ice cubes to permanently fight pimples… Tik Tok lists more than one makeup technique and of skincare confused on his news feed. To better understand this phenomenon, Gala.fr gives the floor to the beautician Louis by Skincarebylouis known on Tik Tok as well as to Loanne Bouvier a young woman accustomed to this social network.

Louis called Skincarebylouisoff is a beautician over 940K followers on Tik Tok. On his profile, he relays beauty techniques spotted on the network which garner a multitude of views and likes. For him, “the idea was just of share my know-how in aesthetics to teach people how to take care of their skin.” Between buzz and fails, this specialist gives his expert opinion:there is good and bad on Tik Tok like on all social networks.Good like these beauty products who made the buzz on the application and whom Louis cannot do without as the CC cream IT Cosmetics suitable for all skin types (available in twelve shades from €40.90 at Nocibé). With its hybrid formulation, this cream mixes covering foundation and real skincare. The concealer The Magic Touch perfect match from L’Oreal Paris (available from €14.99 at Nocibé) is particularly appreciated since it transparently erases signs of fatigue. And the Sisley lip balm make everyone agree (from 65€ at Sephora).

Like Louis, Loanne Bouvier is a fan of beauty who dedicates part of his evening scrolling the platform’s news feed. At 21, the young woman learned some good advice thanks to her Tik Tok network: “I learned a lot from the advice given by beauty specialists like Louis for example. I base myself on the knowledge of others to inform myself and try new products, in particular certain active ingredients. » Mêlés has wacky content that the young woman certainly does not reproduce, other more serious beauty videos hold her attention: ” the real DIYs, I do them without hesitation at home. This was the case with the heatless curlers that curl your hair all night long without damaging it. This technique that is making the buzz on the app has actually worked really well on my long hair!”.


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Skincarebylouisoff presents its exfoliating routine without damaging its skin on its Tik Tok network.

Tik Tok and its quirks in the world of skincare

Tik Tok has both good and less good insists Louis: “Ultimately the information is not filtered and sometimes there are new tricks that emerge like that of Bella Hadid who soaks her face in an ice bath. Everyone is ecstatic in front of this performance since it is a world-famous model when in reality there is nothing worse for the skin. With ice cubes, you risk getting frostbite. People think pimples will go away with simple ice cubes but that is absolutely not the reality.”

That said, there are other much more dangerous techniques on this network, such as the technique of Sunscreen contouring. Coming straight from the United States, this technique consists of applying sun protection to certain areas of the face, including the forehead, the top of the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose to create a natural contour only with tan. According to this beautician, this technique is above all very harmful to health: ” Iall exposed areas must be protected. So it’s a trend among others which is quite dangerous for the skin because the sun is very harmful to your health”. Before adding: “I want to tell people that you have to show good meaning. If you see things that are too wacky, think about it and ask yourself whether it’s really good for your skin or not.”.

For Loanne, the older she gets, the more she realizes thatTik tok as well as all the social networks combined “make him waste a lot of time. But if we manage to manage it correctly, it remains a great and very educational social network.. You learn a lot of things if you follow the right people. And this is the case in beauty as in food or sport for example…”


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Skincarebylouis is not repeating Bella Hadid’s trick on her Tik Tok.

Tik Tok: The application that has revolutionized the way of consuming beauty

In front of Snapchat and Instagram, the Tik Tok network has become the most used application by 12-17 year olds. When we ask Louis about the effect that the Tik Tok network has on the world of beauty, he answers: Tik Tok has really revolutionized the way people consume by focusing the attention of certain people towards certain products.. I’m thinking in particular of the glosses from the Kiko brand, which created a huge buzz on the app.” Before adding: “Just this weekend I met someone at a party who had a lip gloss in their hand. I then asked if it was a Fenty Beauty, the person then replied no it’s the gloss of Tik Tok. I find it crazy that this network has become a reference in terms of beauty.As well known on Instagram as on this emerging platform, Louis has two very different styles of communities depending on his networks: “On Tik Tok are relatively very young people who follow me. Between Instagram and Tik Tok the age profiles differ completely and the skin needs are not the same. On Instagram, I have more moms starting to get a few wrinkles, whereas on Tik Tok, it’s more going to be the teenager who wants an answer for her acne.”

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