Univar’s glam lab presents a collection of metaverse-inspired textures

Univar's glam lab presents a collection of metaverse-inspired textures

New beauty brands are moving into the digital space, embracing innovative interactive platforms where consumers can have their own individual immersive experiences. Digital beauty inspires brands to discover new opportunities to connect on social media where digital natives and Gen Z influence how consumers interact with and purchase products.

Now there’s a way for beauty brands and formulators to take this immersive experience even further.

Explore new sensations through the future of beauty

There’s never been a better time for beauty brands to embrace the metaverse and the exciting possibilities unfolding in our physical and virtual worlds. In this new space, everything is possible and no barrier is impenetrable. Indulge in online play with your inner self and awaken your senses with innovative textures, limitless creativity and enhanced beauty for you and your virtual avatar. Let your imagination run wild in the world of beauty. Discover it #metabeauty with Univar Solutions. All communities are welcome and included.

How does the metaverse work?

The metaverse is a virtual environment that allows people to interact in a more immersive environment. These online spaces are becoming common destinations that offer endless possibilities for new forms of communication, exchanges and shared experiences.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we connect, particularly with a greater emphasis on remote collaboration and an accelerated digital transition for many industries, including beauty brands.

New shopping habits have emerged from consumers focusing on contactless purchases and more so robust e-commerce user experiences. Since their inception, online dating, shopping, and education have all been embraced by younger consumers, and this trend continues with these consumers now leaning into virtual fashion, beauty, and meta-world experiences. Digital beauty is a trend that brands will continue to invest in as the metaverse becomes a destination to better connect with Gen Z consumers and beyond.

How social media enabled the spread of the metaverse in the beauty industry

For the beauty industry, filters have marked a new way for consumers to virtually try on makeup, hairstyles – testing out glossy lipsticks, colorful eyeliners and, more daringly, trying on hair. rainbow-colored – and to experiment with styles they might not be so willing to try in real life. Want to take a selfie but don’t have time to wear makeup? Filters allow you to create camera-ready looks in seconds.

Since their inception, social networks have completely changed the way brands connect with consumers. The rise of influencers continues to shape the digital landscape while setting the pace for the latest trends. User-generated content (UGC) such as TikTok challenges, Instagram posts with brand-related hashtags, YouTube DIY tutorials, and reviews have become staples in a brand’s marketing strategy.

The metaverse is poised to enable next-gen users to go beyond being consumers and become creators through virtual brand challenges and more immersive product demos.

Enter the beautyverse

Ask yourself: have you ever wanted to create daring makeup or hair color that you would never have dared to wear in real life?

Enter a virtual world of beauty. With the virtual capabilities of the metaverse, exploring the different beauty options available to you, a new hair color, the use of digital tools or make-up combinations, becomes limitless. In this new space, everything is possible and no barrier is impenetrable. Give free rein to your imagination and your most authentic look.

Explore new sensations through the future of beauty realized by our glam lab.

Univar Solutions Beauty & Personal Care’s glam lab has ventured into this digital landscape to create the latest innovative ingredient kit, New Sensations, a collection of metaverse-inspired textures. Consumers can travel through a galaxy of possibilities through gelled, iridescent, long-lasting and futuristic prototypes while experimenting with the latest formulations. Use these inspiring textures to modify or customize meta-world formulations that also work in the real world.

The metaverse brings a new level of excitement for the possibilities it creates. Whether it’s perfecting an original avatar look, connecting with different people around the world, or creating your own virtual beauty spots, it’s time to explore a digital universe designed for social connection and immersive experiences. Awaken your senses with innovative, one-of-a-kind textures, boundless creativity and standards of beauty that will only evolve with the metaverse for the beauty industry.

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