Why do we have dark circles? 4 possible causes

Why do we have dark circles?  4 possible causes

” You look bad ! Did you sleep badly? » This sentence, we hear it far too often, whether in periods of fatigue or simply because we naturally and constantly have dark circles. This remark, not at all pleasant, arises as a bonus from a received idea. No’appearance of dark circles is not always caused by a lack of sleep. Here are 4 other possible causes.

Identify the causes of dark circles

We speak of dark circles when marks appear at the lower eyelid of the eyes. These are colored: purple/bluish, brown/yellowish… These dark circles are the sign of a disturbance in the circulation of the lymphatic tissues. Their appearance may be the result of multiple factors : stress, fatigue, unhealthy lifestyle, aging of the skin…

But this can also be hereditary. Indeed, if one of your close relatives tends to be strongly surrounded, you have a good “chance” ofhave dark circlesfrom childhood. Also, we distinguish several types of dark circleseach caused by one or more different factors.

1 – Dark circles

This is about particular dark circlesbecause they are not linked to hyperpigmentation and therefore are not not really colorful. These dark circles bring a kind of shadow under the gaze. It is in fact the contours of the orbit which are more visible and the hollow ring then creates a kind of void below the eyes.

Often these dark circles are caused by a melting of eyelid fat or by aging of the skin. It also happens that these dark circles are simply of genetic origin. With age, they become more marked as the subcutaneous fat below the eyelid melts.

2 – Dark circles

The eye is naturally drowned in a fatty pocket in order to protect itself, it bears the name of periorbital fat. The loosening of the tissues with age will cause this pocket to melt or move. The fat will slide down and then form bags under the eyes.

Pay attention to not to be confused with bags under the eyes in the morning. For these, it is just a accumulation of lymph produced overnight.

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3 – Brown or maroon dark circles

Dark circles are often brown, but can also be dyed yellow or brown. Dark circles are caused by melanin stains located under the skin. These tasks are due to thinness of the skin at the level of the lower eye contour or by the fact that the rim of theeye socket was exposed to UV rays.

UV rays activate the production of melanin. Dark circles therefore tend to appear more in India and the Middle Eastwhere people have darker skin.

4 – Blue or purple dark circles

The presence of blue or purple circles under the eyes is explained by the skin transparency on the lower eyelids. The skin is 5 times thinner at the level of the eye area than on the rest of the body.

It’s the bluishness of small blood vessels located under the eyes, which appears. These dark circles can be accentuated by poor blood circulation. They can also be the result of a unhealthy lifestyle (tobacco, alcohol).

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Be aware that it is possible that your face includes several types of dark circles. In this case, we are talking about dark circles mixed.

Good to know: difference between dark circles and puffiness

Unlike dark circles, puffiness is marked by swelling under the lower eyelids. Often they appear as a result of tissue engorgement and poor blood and lymph circulation in the eye contour area. We can distinguish 2 types of pockets.

  • Those caused by the Water retention : your skin on the area drains badly and therefore causes a fluid retention under your eyesyour eyelid then reveals a swelling.
  • Those hereditary : as with some dark circles, puffiness can also be hereditary and increase with age.

Just like with dark circles, a lack of sleep or of bad lifestyle habits can also accentuate bags under the eyes.

If there are various ways to camouflage dark circles, it is not an obligation, far from it! Dark circles do not make you ugly, on the contrary, they make your look and your person unique.

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