With very niche content, how this TikTokeur brings together 700,000 subscribers

Avec un contenu très niche, comment ce TikTokeur réunit 700.000 abonnés

TikTok. Developing niche content to get a place on social networks is now becoming the key to success. From now on, it is on TikTok that our eyes are fixed to discover themes treated nowhere else on social networks. And the subjects are multiple for the greatest pleasure of the users. Unsurprisingly, communities are forming here and there with varied centers of interest. Recently, we discovered a content creator who thrives in a very specific field.

His name is Jimmy, he is 26 years old and a few months ago he was second in the kitchen. In parallel with his professional activity, he launched himself on YouTube, on Instagram, then on TikTok. It is on this last platform that success has arrived. But what is he talking about? From a very particular hairstyle: the waves or the waves in French. This hairstyle could especially be seen on artists like 50 cents in the early 2000s. It is a style where the hair, once properly put in place, forms waves. But how to do it? Is there a specific technique to achieve this? “A lot of hair salons offered it but it wasn’t suitable for frizzy and curly hair. I quickly realized through the American content creators, what it was and how to do it on me,” Jimmy told the site. internet people.

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How to get started with niche content on TikTok?

Since he was asking himself questions, he said to himself that other people had the same questions as him. Jimmy therefore launches into popular videos around this hairstyle, with the idea of ​​sharing his discoveries with as many people as possible. From the publication of the first video on this subject, success is at the rendezvous. The creator explains what the waves are. “In one day, 10,000 people followed me. I don’t really know why, ”says the videographer. The only answer he can give is that at this time on TikTok in France, no other influencer is talking about this subject.

Subsequently, the theme turns out to be very “friendly” social networks. As Jimmy tells us, people who try this hairstyle don’t get instant results. It takes several weeks, even months of practice, to be completely satisfied. So, watching a video where Jimmy reveals the evolution of these waves is of interest to many people. Little by little, the TikTokeur has built a community that is only waiting for one thing: to see results over time. Four years later, it is still the main theme of his channel, with more cooking content.

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Succeed in diversifying its content, the basis

The only problem that can be identified concerns renewal. How to talk about such niche content in the long term? Because Jimmy can’t spend his time just showing the evolution of his hairstyle. “There are 4 big styles of waves that exist. It’s so diverse, there’s so much to tell. I always manage to find content, lots of brands are developing around it with new products and new accessories,” says the content creator. “There are a lot of hashtags about the waves. People ask questions. And depending on the comments he receives, he can easily react by creating a new video.

The growing notoriety of hairdressing means that many brands are developing accessories and products to make life easier for users. Jimmy is therefore having a great time introducing these novelties to his community. “I started to diversify that way. I mainly highlight natural products. Before the waves had a bad image, because a lot of chemicals were used. Some had burns or had reactions. For my part, I want to show that this time is over and that it is now possible, with a little discipline and by using the right products, to obtain results”, analyzes Jimmy.

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Values ​​to share

Even if the subject may seem light, the content creator passes multiple messages in his videos. There is three. “The main value concerns hair care. I want to remove the idea that you have to use random products. If you take care of your hair with a healthy lifestyle, you can get great results. My second value concerns perseverance. In the space of two months, it is already possible to see beautiful waves there. Over a year, the quality will be different. Finally, I want to explain that waves are not a matter of skin color. The hair just needs to form a curl. People think it’s a very communal thing, but it’s not,” Jimmy tells us.

Today, the videographer has succeeded in one of his biggest challenges, being identified as one of the wave ambassadors in France. People invite their followers to follow him if they have questions about it. For several years, the community around this subject has continued to grow. “At the end of 2021, we were a small collective. That same year, there was the “Giant Wave Check” which brought together nearly 400 people.

For the future, Jimmy wishes to continue to interest as many people as possible around the waves. He would like to start his own business by marketing products in this sector. To give himself the means to succeed, he left his job several months ago to live fully on social networks.

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