7 hot looks with a rejuvenating effect for winter

7 hot looks with a rejuvenating effect for winter

Being 50 is not a bad word! And yet, aging is not a simple thing in our time. After the fifties, many questions arise for the fifties who wish to erase the years. How to dress to look slimmer? What anti-wrinkle treatment? What colo to camouflage the first white hair? What cut to look younger? And when we wear glasses? It may seem trivial for some, but adapting your 50 year old woman haircut to your glasses can make all the difference. Not convinced yet? The proof in 7 rejuvenating looks to favor this winter 2022-2023 to enhance your frames!

What haircut for 50 year old woman with glasses 2022/2023?

haircuts that rejuvenate hairstyle haircut woman 50 years with glasses long hair thick thin round face square oval trends 2022

If gray hair is starting to become more democratic thanks to Gray Blending sweeping and Herringbone Highlights, hair aging is still a phenomenon that fifty-somethings neglect. To remedy this, you have to choose the right haircut for women over 50. And at the end of 2022, we think in particular of the pixie cut, the square airy bob and the hybrid cut Bixie cut. On the side of long hair, nothing like the long and wavy mane enhanced by a trendy color. Mid-length and layered cuts are also popular for adding volume and style to flat manes. With glasses or sunglasses, these trendy hairstyles 2023 promise to enhance both your face and your frames.

Haircut for 50-year-old woman with glasses 2022: The wavy square

haircut woman 50 years square plunging round oval face blonde hair winter trends 2022 2023

Want loose hair? Then go for a short and wavy bob! A hairstyle in tune with the times, the wavy square promises to sublimate your face, while rejuvenating it. With him, wear round glasses. If you have naturally curly or frizzy hair, please avoid XL volume. It will only overload your look!

The Pixie Cut

short haircut woman 50 years with glasses pixie cut degraded with bangs gray hair 2022

For several years, the pixie cut has been one of the 50-year-old women’s haircuts that make you look younger. And that won’t change in 2023! And that’s good, because it goes perfectly with a pair of glasses (eyeglasses or sunglasses). Even better, the pixie cut will show off your frames. In this vein, opt for thick and extravagant glasses. With a long pixie cut, prefer round models instead. Thin-rimmed glasses are for long hair only.

The Bixie Cut

haircut woman 50 years old with glasses thin gray blond hair 2022

Does your heart swing between the pixie cut and the short bob? No need to choose, because the Bixie cut will continue to sublimate mature manes. Perfect for 50-somethings looking for volume, this asymmetrical hairstyle brings movement to fine, thinning hair, while respecting every face shape. It goes wonderfully with classic glasses, generally reserved for dynamic and graphic cuts such as the pixie cut, the degraded square and the bowl cut. In contrast, extravagant frames go hand-in-hand with clean-lined cuts like a tapered, wavy mid-length.

Long and wavy hair

haircut trends for women over 50 with glasses thick hair winter 2022 2023

No more diktat of short hair and uniform hair colors after fifty! In 2023, we dare everything to warm up and bring more density to mature hair! And if we have no desire to give up its sublime lengths, we adopt long and wavy hair. Do you wear sophisticated, colorful or graphic glasses? It’s perfect ! Natural waves are for you. To enhance them, consider adopting one of the 2023 hair color trends for women 50. Auburn, sandy blonde, honey blonde balayage or even caramel brownie.

Liquid Hair

trendy haircuts for women over 50 with glasses rectangular face 2022 hairstyle trend liquid hair demi moore

Want a long, smooth and shiny mane after 50? If some cut everything after the fifties, others prefer to keep their lengths. This is the case of Demi Moore who dares the Liquid Hair trend to rejuvenate herself and put her pretty aviator glasses in value. The condition ? Have healthy hair. Spray, fluid creams without rinsing, care balms… the new hair formulas bet everything on light to make mature manes shiny and sparkling. The good products to shop are obviously those based on keratin. We remind you that the latter has the magic power to strengthen the hair and close the scales. It also smoothes and repairs the hair.

50 year old woman haircut with glasses and tapered bangs 2022

short haircut woman 50 years with degraded bangs on the side square face fine blond hair

When the skin stretches and the gaze begins to droop, the 50-year-old woman’s cut with bangs comes into play to help us camouflage frown lines on the forehead and crow’s feet. It restructures the face by offering a natural lifting. In short, the bangs are all good after the fifties even if you wear glasses. We then choose it long, unstructured and tapered. The right models to adopt? Curtain bangs and shag bangs. They play with the lengths of the mane and thanks to their blurred effect, they blend perfectly into the hair mass. In addition, curtain bangs look particularly attractive with thin frames.

Airy bob – haircut woman 50 years old with glasses 2022

haircut woman 50 years with glasses square face short airy bob plunging gray hair

We have said it over and over again, the older you get, the more you have to soften your facial features with an aerial cut with bangs! The latest that we steal from young fashionistas to rejuvenate themselves is the airy bob that we wear both on gray hair and on a freshly colored mane. In addition to rejuvenating the features of 50-somethings thanks to its attractive natural lifting effect, the air cut goes well with cat-eye style glasses.

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