8 Unknown Uses of Demineralized Water at Home.

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You know that water that contains no minerals.

You can find them in supermarkets, DIY stores or on the Internet.

I explain them all to you here.

You will see, it is very useful for taking care of our household appliances, plants and our health.

Here is 8 little-known ways to use this mineral-free water. Look :

What is demineralised water?

As its name suggests, it is water from which the minerals have been removed through a treatment that consists of heating it.

This is what makes it different from that of the tap or the rivers.

And the important thing is that it is guaranteed without limestone.

Because minerals such as sodium, magnesium or chlorine are absent.

It is therefore pure at this level.

On the other hand, it also modifies its pH which is around 5.

It is therefore more acidic than conventional tap water.

The question we often ask ourselves is whether it is drinkable.

Well yes ! It can be perfectly drunk despite the treatment received.

But I know you can’t wait to find out how it’s used.

I tell you everything here:

1. Avoid limescale in the iron

This is probably the best known usage.

The small reservoir of the iron is filled with this type of liquid.

Why ?

Quite simply, because it avoids the deposit of limestone in the iron.

There’s nothing worse than an iron that starts spitting out small lime crystals when ironing!

And then, you know like me that descaling an iron in depth is a real hassle.

So, you might as well save yourself unnecessary effort by using a liquid that won’t scale the ducts of your iron.

2. Moisturizes green plants

Some green plants are quite delicate.

They need to have a moist soil, but not soggy…

And especially to be sprayed regularly on the leaves.

It makes it easy to recreate a tropical climate.

You can do it with tap water, of course.

But, the ideal is the use of demineralized water which has several advantages:

– it does not stain leaves or flowers;

it does not interfere with photosynthesis due to lime deposits.

I therefore recommend it for a calathea, alocasia or strelitzia for example.

On the other hand, be careful: for weekly watering, use water rich in minerals!

Your plants need it.

3. Makes hair shine

The limestone present in the shower water makes the hair dull.

Especially for those who wash them every day.

So to avoid this, it is often recommended to do the last rinse with demineralized water.

The advantage is that the limestone does not settle on the hair fiber.

Do you have dull hair due to tartar in the water?

I advise you to dilute cider vinegar and water in equal parts.

Rinse with this mixture to permanently rid the hair of the veil that prevents it from shining.

And you know what ?

Not only does it make them shine, but it also treats dandruff, cleanses the scalp and detangles the hair.

4. Prevent stains on the car body

Want to have a clean car with a shiny body?

So the trick is to finish the wash by rinsing with demineralised water.

Why ?

Quite simply, because it avoids white halos and marks on the car.

Moreover, some automatic washing stations offer this type of rinsing with descaled water.

This is also valid for cleaning a motorcycle, a bicycle or a van.

5. Makes natural pearls shine

Nothing worse than a dull pearl necklace.

And yet this is often the case.

Because we don’t spare them: cosmetics, hard water, swimming pool, pollution, perspiration…

By force, the mother-of-pearl beads no longer shine.

Fortunately, a short bath in demineralized water can remove the dull veil.

A word of advice: take off your pearls before going for a dip in the pool.

Chlorine is aggressive for pearls.

6. Suitable for fish in aquariums

Part of the aquarium can be filled with this mineral-free water.

Because these minerals are harmful to certain species of fish.

This extends their lifespan.

This water can be bought in animal stores.

But I recommend that you buy it in a supermarket or on the internet.

Specialty shops are often much more expensive than others.

7. Makes the windows shine

Personally, I hate windows with traces or an opaque veil.

So I’m a window-washing fanatic.

So I developed this homemade cleanser based on demineralised water.

Why ?

Quite simply, because it does not contain limescale which could settle on the tiles.

He is responsible for the dull veil that hides the view.

8. Treats Bad Breath

Here is another one of my homemade recipes using demineralised water.

It is a DIY mouthwash that eliminates bad breath.

To make it, just mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda, salt; 5 cl of demineralized water and 1 drop of eucalyptus essential oil.

Rinse your mouth with this lotion every time you wash

And goodbye bad breath!

Can you make your own demineralized water?

How to demineralize your water at home?

You’ll see, it’s easy.

Just fill a pot halfway with water and put a bowl in it.

Put the lid upside down on the pan (the hollow side up). Fill this hollow with ice cubes.

When the water boils, the steam will rise. In contact with the cold lid, it condenses in the bowl.

The water resulting from this process is free of minerals.

By the way, did you know that harvested rainwater has no minerals?

A good way to get it easily and for free.

Your turn…

Have you tested these uses of demineralised water? Comment in the comments to find out if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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