At 47, Cécile de France considers herself “still young” but “more within the standards of beauty”

At 47, Cécile de France considers herself "still young" but "more within the standards of beauty"

In the movie The Passenger by Héloïse Pelloquet, which will be released in theaters on December 14, Cécile de France plays the role of Chiara, a married woman who falls under the spell of a man younger than her. A story that particularly attracted the Belgian actress, interested in these characters who free themselves from the dictates imposed by society.

“I thought it was important to show my body as a 47-year-old woman as it is”

To make this love story believable on the big screen, Cecile of France did not hesitate to undress and show off without artifice. An assumed choice for the Belgian actress as she told the magazine Female Version : “Social networks have reinforced the diktats of appearance and we need more than ever realistic images to identify with in order to dream and live. I thought it was important to show my body as a 47-year-old woman as it is. is also crazy to verbalize it like this: I’m still young. But I’m no longer in the standards of beauty.”

Cécile de France also indicates that contrary to what one might imagine, the filming of the nude scenes was “very easy and very joyful” to shoot: “Félix and I have the same relationship with the body: we consider it as a extraordinary work tool. We like to transform ourselves for a role: we color our hair, we build muscle, we lose weight… We put ourselves at the service of the story and our characters and, as Héloïse had choreographed the scenes very well, everything was smooth.”

Cécile de France, an actress who wants to “let nature take its course”

In 2015, Cécile de France agreed to play in the very first episode of the series Ten percent. The actress, who interpreted her own role, found herself faced with a most unpleasant situation. Indeed, a great American director had told his agents that she was too old to shoot in his next film and that to get the role, she had to do cosmetic surgery.

A request which in real life is unthinkable for the actress: “If a director wants me to transform, I can, by mutual agreement, go very far, but not to the point of modifying what nature has made of me. Today, there are incredible special effects, great make-up artists. I was aged to shoot A secret. Any transformation is risky. […] We have to play with the raw material that is our body. Cosmetic surgery is irreversible. For a film, it’s really a shame”, explained Cécile de France in an interview with TV 7 Days before adding: “I am at peace with myself. I do not want to correspond to canons of beauty. I let nature take its course. I am normal, what! A normal woman who leads a normal life far from of the Parisian bustle.”

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