Concern about his health!

Concern about his health!

The features of his face leave no room for doubt. Carla Sarkozy’s health is now a concern for her and for her loved ones. In an attempt to avoid the worst, the pretty fifties is forced to pay attention to everything or risk seeing her body decline dangerously.

Many signs worry him and those close to him. Not wanting to hide anything from her admirers, Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife confessed in disturbing terms. The words are harsh, bluntly. To our colleagues from Elle magazine, the singer cowards: “I am waiting for the ax. “She then declines the long list of constraints to which Carla Sarkozy she must submit if she wants to grab a few years of life.

Because, according to the specialists, the hygiene of life is essential, it put an end to any excess, which could prove to be too dangerous for its organization: “I am sober. I consume very little alcohol, otherwise I can drink like an Irish sailor! No limit! If the question of health did not arise, I would not live in this mad sobriety. »

But this abstinence is not enough. She must also indulge in exercises for two hours a day, including cardio. This allows him to take care of his heart, prevent cardiovascular disease, strengthen his arteries and significantly reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart attack. The relentless physical regime to which she compels herself is difficult for her to follow, but she does not want to deviate from it.

Such is the price to pay for not endangering one’s health! However, all these precautions do not protect it from all risks. On October 16, Carla was at her worst. Posting a photo of her on Instagram, she had greatly worried her relatives and her fans: the pale complexion, the tired eyes, she seemed very weak. From what we know, it would be a respiratory tract infection, finally diagnosed without gravity. But she rang the alarm bell. Following this event, some of our consultants noted: Carla Sarkozy’s immune system seems to have weakened over the years.

A doctor explains: “At almost 55, her immune system loses its ability to distinguish between endogenous and exogenous substances, in other words, Carla’s body is less efficient in its reaction to illnesses. Nicolas’ love obviously helped him to overcome this difficult moment. “He is the most reassuring man I have found. “They grow old together, but for her who was a model, cellular aging seems more difficult to accept.

Carla is aware of this: “The passage of time is a desolation”, she exclaims. Thinking about the effects of time on her physique, she looks back: “In any case, the more time passes, the more I am aware of having been spoiled. I’m lucky, I have a lucky star, even though I know that no one can escape old age, illness and death. Death, the word is out. Carla started looking her in the face. She knows it’s inevitable, and so as not to fear this moment too much, she has adopted a form of mysticism: “I have completely changed my relationship to death. For a long time, I was confusedly mystical and a believer, but I was not counting on the aftermath. From now on, I bet a lot on the after! I totally believe in it! It reassures me to tell myself that the difficult part is now. Life is cruel, fierce. The sequel should be smoother. »

Rather paradoxical remarks for the one who admits to having had a good life and which would however sufficiently reflect her fear that one day all this will stop.


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