How to talk about testicles without vulgarity? Throwback to Veet and BETC’s Balls Movie

How to talk about testicles without vulgarity?  Throwback to Veet and BETC's Balls Movie

The time of the roubignoles.

Gillette exalts all skin types – even scarred skin, Jolly makes women feel guilty about their hair. It is clear that more and more brands of razors and hair removal advocate self-acceptance. Incidentally, the hairs are finally present in advertisements. Things are going in the right direction (of the hair), but the male sex is largely ousted – as for intimate hair removal concerning them, let’s not even talk about it.

Anyway, let’s talk about it. Veet recently released a revolutionary product: a depilatory cream for very soft purses. On the occasion of the launch, the hair removal brand and BETC Paris have released a campaign straight out of a Pixar film – the main protagonists will surprise you: adorable flying testicles.

Fulvia Baratellimarketing director France & Benelux health at Reckitt, Delphine LeblemeDeputy Managing Director at BETC and Mathieu Nevians, creative director at BETC gave us the underside and the results of this extraordinary campaign – which manages to humorously metaphorize a subject to say the least touchy.

The brief (and the agency’s reaction)

Veet was gearing up to launch Veet Men’s Private Body Hair Removal Kit – an innovation designed for the most hair-removed part of a man’s body. This communication campaign had three objectives:

– Make known innovation
– Boost the consideration of the product thanks to its superior benefits compared to current methods
Educate men on the combined use of the product (depilatory cream and care balm for the sensitive area).

The brand then briefed the agency BETC Paris to create a bold campaign worthy of this innovation. Men have almost always used razors and clippers, regardless of body parts. For the agency, the challenge was to change men’s mentalities and healthcare habits.

The agency’s reaction following this unusual brief? ” super enthusiastic », declaims Delphine Lebleme, it is also our job to have to respond to problems “. As for Mathieu Nevians, he took note of the brief in the open space with his Airpods, the people outside – who only heard the keywords – looked at him laughing. ” It’s a brief that you don’t often get in the life of a creative “, he declares, “ it’s tricky to work on, because we only talk about balls between balls he adds.

He specifies that it is not necessary to speak in a raw way for this type of campaign, but that it is necessary all the same ” take the forms “. The agency wanted to express this benefit that men have when they wax their ” coucougnettes », and to (re)discover a forgotten sensation. ” It is a hyper sensitive part of the body, but also hyper sensory he finishes.

For the brand, it’s also a way of coming first in a discourse on product innovation – and therefore of emerging to become THE hair removal brand in its entirety.

The dirty campaign

We had to forget the product demonstration, so the agency bet on a spot with metaphorical animation. ” Obviously, we couldn’t show the private parts. But the creative track made it possible to go towards something interesting, which speaks as much to a child as to a 77-year-old grandpa. She is super cute with her two little humanized characters, she remains within everyone’s reach », Explain Matthew Nevians.

The spot was briefly inspired by a British series from the 60s “ The prisoner by Patrick McGowan – in which a character is locked in a village, tries to flee, only to be chased by a huge white ball that brings him back to the village. ” This is what drove the reference, without the scary side of course “, specifies the DC.

As for the choice of whistling music, Mathieu Nevians insisted on its importance – the agency wanted to create pleasurable well-being music for the man “ when the man is happy, he whistles he adds.

By choosing to show testicles without showing them, the agency-advertiser duo had to be very vigilant on the metaphorical side – this should not go towards realism. Of course, they had the advertising validated by the ARPP. ” We were implicit, never vulgar, almost elegant. We talk to people’s intelligence. It’s something that resonates with them, we don’t take them for fools adds Mathieu.

The results

The teams are very happy with the results. The campaign allowed them to anchor Veet Men in this new territory of male hair removal.

We reaffirmed our position as the undisputed market leader, we gained an 83.3% market share in male hair removal “, precise Fulvia Baratelli it was not only a benefit on the brand, we also contributed to the growth of the market (+63%)”.

At the time of the launch of digital, social and TV communication, Veet saw a clear increase in sales volume (+133%). This innovation has passed 100% incremental recall – this represents almost 60% of the brand’s growth since the beginning of the year.

In addition, this campaign has been talked about well. It also appeared during a sporting highlight : Roland Garros. The first tweets of the campaign draw parallels with tennis balls, the creative director pointed out. Fulvia Baratelli adds that to increase notoriety and consideration, Veet has also mounted an operation with influencers – who used the private parts metaphor to inform their audiences. Subsequently, Veet recruited 18-20% of new consumers.

The 3 keys to success

For Fulvia Baratellione of the keys is above all to have placed the consumer at the center. By launching an innovation that certainly meets their needs, but also by questioning them throughout the development of the campaign – they have selected their favorite creative track. ” The men have spoken “.

The second key to success would be the speechthe tone of voice. The metaphorical and humorous tone used had a stronger impact on consumers.

For the final key to success, Veet believes that themedia ecosystem and the influence campaign played a big part, especially at the time of Roland-Garros.

To finish, Delphine Lebleme would give three keywords of the campaign:

– Relevance (of the product, the insight and the ecosystem)
– Audacity (both in creation and with the client)
Elegance (no vulgarity)


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