Zara releases its new beauty Advent calendar for Christmas 2022!

Zara sort son nouveau calendrier de l’Avent beauté pour Noël 2022 !

This year, Zara, the ready-to-wear brand, has unveiled an Advent calendar that will feature beauty products.

The fashion brand Zara has released its brand new Advent calendar for Christmas 2022. The latter will offer different beauty products. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Gift ideas for Christmas

Just one month from Christmas Eve, the race for gifts is accelerating. Indeed, now is the time to have ideas of what we can offer to our loved ones. One thing is sure, find the perfect gift the night before or the same day is not an easy matter.

In addition, Zara and Mango, the ready-to-wear brands have already unveiled a great collection for the holidays. Some pieces can even be used as a Christmas gift. Indeed, nothing likea useful gift as a winter garment or accessory. It is still necessary to know the taste of the person who will receive this present.

So, this year why not crack on the purchase of a sweater for example. The jacquard sweater is then a safe bet for winter. Indeed, the latter can be an ideal gift for fans of the Scandinavian look. In addition, Zara unveils its very cute black and white crop top model.

Finally, if you are surrounded by readers, books are also a good idea. Always good to use. This year 5 award-winning novels stand out others. And if you’re still hesitating, Zara may have the solution for you. The clothing brand has just unveiled its very original Advent calendar. MCE TV tells you more!

Zara offers a beauty Advent calendar

If there is one thing that is essential while waiting for Christmas, it is the Advent calendar. In fact, from a very young age, we have been used toopen a box for each day of December. His goal: to wait until the arrival of Christmas. So, in addition tree decorationsthe Advent calendar remains a must during these festive periods.

And one thing is certain, since the authentic chocolate calendar, things have changed a lot. In effect, many brands then derived this product well known to the public. Thus, the last to have done so is indeed Zara.

The Spanish clothing brand then unveiled its brand new Advent calendar with beauty products. This collection of products was then released in 2021 and offered a lot of accessories. These were very successful then.

Thus, for this special Christmas box, Zara offers a batch of 24 surprises to wait before the holidays. This Advent calendar will then consist of an eyelash curler, lipsticks, illuminators or even an eyeshadow palette.

However, if you want to offer it to yourself or to offer to your loved ones, you will still have to pay the sum of 159€. For the moment, the article is available on the site. But beware, last year the beauty calendar quickly fell victim to its own success. To be continued !

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