5 ultra-effective eye contour treatments to lift the skin

5 ultra-effective eye contour treatments to lift the skin

What if you didn’t need aesthetic medicine to enhance your droopy eyelids? Here are 5 ultra-effective eye contour treatments to lift the eyelids.

In magazines, on red carpets, on television or on social networks, the stars sport make-up eyes, each one more sublime than the other on wide eyelids. For many women, this part of the face is a symbol of femininity and of youth. So when they are droopingthem eyelids tend to complex those who dream of a doe look.

Also called ptosis or lazy eyedrooping eyelids occur whenan eyelid droops. In this case, your eye seems partially closed and this can lead, in the most extreme cases, to eye discomfort. The lack of firmness of the eyelids tends to produce a look both closed and tired. To overcome this problem, there are eye contour care enriched with tensor and lifting active ingredients. Discover our selection of the most effective.

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Why do eyelids droop?

There are many factors which explain the sagging of the eyelids. Here are a few that will help you diagnose the cause of your problem.

  • Skin sagging due to aging
  • Weak facial muscles
  • fatigue and stress
  • eye diseases
  • eye injuries
  • nerve damage
  • heredity

You will find among these factors the cause of the sagging of your eyelids.

5 eye contour treatments to lift the eyelids

Although the most effective solution to sagging eyelids remains blepharoplastya surgical procedure that opens and refreshes the eyes, it is now possible to reduce the phenomenon with lifting care, to be applied morning and evening to the affected area. Here is our selection of 5 treatments.

Ghost Tears, Garancia

Over time, wrinkles may appear and the eyelids may relax, this treatment is ideal to compensate for this. Its multi-action eye and eyelid roll-on format with anti-dark circles, anti-puffiness, anti-wrinkle, anti-sagging and moisturizing active ingredients is very practical to carry in your bag and allows a self-massage conducive to blood circulation and smoothing the skin.

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Sagging eyelids, Remescar

This cream has a clinically proven instant action on sagging eyelids. Unisex, it offers immediate results. No need to wait months to see the effects.

Lift Integral, Lierac

This serum, combining a core of lifting active ingredients (mahogany extract and purple tulip extract) and a concentrate of hyaluronic acid, visibly lifts the eyelids. Its active serum-gel texture provides a cryo effect, immediately smoothing the skin.

Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum, Kiehl’s

This firming cream restores youthfulness to the eye contour. In less than a week, the epidermis around the eyes is visibly firmer, lifted and the skin texture is refined.

360° Eye Lift Super Serum, Korres

This lifting serum firms the eye contour and gives the upper eyelid a lifting effect. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.

Are you adopting an eye contour treatment to enhance your eyelids?

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