Hairdryers: the best Black Friday deals

Hairdryers: the best Black Friday deals

The deterioration of the quality and beauty of the hair due to repeated drying is no longer to be proven. The hair ends up being burned and the ends become dry and split. Thus, beyond its ability to quickly dry hair, the hair dryer continues to improve. Over the years, it has been equipped with different technologies allowing both to minimize the trauma suffered by the hair and the scalp during drying and to maximize the beauty of the hair. The ionic hair dryer is one of the latest devices developed in this direction.

What are the best hair dryers

  • Helios hair dryer, GHD

When it comes to hair-friendly styling tools, GHD is at the forefront of technology. No wonder we recommend this hair dryer, a true gem of technology and available in several shades, from pink to blue, including black and white…Rated 4.7/5 on Amazon.

  • For Professional hair dryer

On Amazon, this hair dryer is #1 in sales. And that’s what earned him this place in our selection. Its advantages ? It has 3 heating levels and 2 separate ventilation levels. Above all, it is a ionic hair dryer. Kesako? Naturally, when wet hair comes into contact with hot air, it becomes positively charged. The ionic hair dryer compensates for this natural phenomenon by simultaneously diffusing hot air and negatively charged ions. As a result, using an ionic hair dryer minimizes the impact of the use of heating devices on the hair fiber. In addition, this type of hair dryer reduces drying time but also avoids static electricity which tends to mess up our hair. Rated 4.5/5 on Amazon.

Hair dryer, which one to buy during Black Friday?

  • Cordkeeper 2000 hair dryer, BaByliss

Highly rated on Amazon, this BaByliss hair dryer gets the job done. Ionic, it is endowed with 3 temperature settings, 2 speeds and a fresh air button; it comes with a fine concentrator and a wide diffuser and is well suited for curly hair. And its low price does not spoil anything, on the contrary … Rated 4.6/5 on Amazon.

  • 5000 Series Hairdryer, Philips

What we love about this hair dryer is its design, which is both futuristic and girly. But – fortunately – this is not its only asset! This Philips ceramic hair dryer features the tThermoShield echnologie which allows it to control the air temperature to protect the hair and it also has the ionic function! Its downside? The power, quite relative, which means that this hair dryer is not the most suitable if you have frizzy or very thick hair. Comes with diffuser and concentrator. Rated 4.6/5 on Amazon.

  • K/ Pro Stylist hair dryer, Rowenta x Karl Lagerfeld

Once again we love the design of this hair dryer! With his power (2,200 W), this Rowenta hair dryer guarantees fast and efficient drying as well as brushing the hair! Featuring ionic technology and equipped with a ‘Keratin & Glow’ coating, it preserves the hair fiber and improves the shine of the hair! It is endowed with 3 temperature settings, 2 speed settings and cold air button. The long power cord (1.8 m) is a significant plus. It comes with 1 6mm ultra fine concentrator (smooth brushing), 1 fine 9mm concentrator (natural brushing) and 1 diffuser to boost volume. Rated 4.8/5 on Amazon.

  • Hair dryer EH-NA67-K825, Panasonic

With its very good rating on Amazon, this hair dryer has earned its place in our selection. Its big advantage? Panasonic’s patented nanoe technology designed to retain maximum moisture. Thus, he maintains the level of hydration of the hair which improves its shine and facilitates styling, but above all allows to limit the damage of heat on the hair fiber. He owns 3 speeds and 4 temperature levels; the Cold Air button allows you to fix the hairstyle after drying. He understands 3 accessories: 1 oscillating quick-drying nozzle, 1 concentrator to facilitate brushing, 1 diffuser. Rated 4.8/5 on Amazon.

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