“I weighed 49 kilos, I had 8 tendonitis, my body gave out”

"I weighed 49 kilos, I had 8 tendonitis, my body gave out"

LA ROCHELLE, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 17: Odile Vuillemin attends the closing ceremony during the La Rochelle Fiction Festival on September 17, 2022 in La Rochelle, France.  (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images)

Odile Vuillemin burned out: “I weighed 49 kilos, I had 8 tendonitis, my body gave out” (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images)

On the poster for the new series “The man of our lives”, on M6 this Thursday, November 24, 2022, Odile Vuillemin is above all known for the character of Chloé Saint-Laurent in the series “Profiling”. A series that she loved, but which was complicated for her, since she found herself burnt out during season 3.

At the age of 46, Odile Vuillemin had the ambition to become an ethnologist, but her passion for the theater pushed her to drop her studies to devote herself to the theater. A choice that seems to have succeeded, since she is now one of the most famous faces of the small screen. And the “Profiling” series, which she shared with Guillaume Cramoisan, is not for nothing.

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The Profiling series harmed his health

After seven long years of playing the character of Chloé Saint-Laurent, she preferred to bow out, as she explained to us at the Monte-Carlo Festival: “It was not easy. He’s a character that I adore and I’m not leaving because I can’t take this character anymore, but because I need to explore other universes. I don’t regret leaving, but I know that I will cry the last six episodes so much I would be moved.

However, she almost left the series much earlier than that, for health reasons. Indeed, the intensity of the filming of the hit series had a terrible impact on her body, as she confided to Here: “I did not have a depression, I had a burn out , it’s very different. I weighed 49 kilos, I had eight tendinitis at the same time, physically my body let go. The pace of filming was intense. As the series was doing well, delivery times were getting faster and faster , I was filming in a little dress in the middle of winter, I had been investigating episodes for a year and a half and when we stopped, it was to prepare for the following ones…”

The show must continue

Despite her failing health, Odile Vuillemin refused to leave the film sets, but nevertheless took measures to ensure that she did not put herself in danger. “I continued to shoot, not so fragile as that, the wasp! We just went from five to four days of filming per week. And I was followed closely, I saw an acupuncturist, I took care of me. In the end, this burnout brought me a lot. This ordeal has built me,” she says.

In the columns of Télé-Star, she said in 2013 that her role in “Profiling” was particularly intense: “On a set I have to be fragile all the time. To be credible I have to let go. he’s the character who’s supposed to be in pain. But the emotions come through me. Somehow I experience them.” An important reminder of the impact of roles on the body and mind of the people who embody them.

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