PHOTOS – How to make a good homemade foot bath?

PHOTOS – How to make a good homemade foot bath?

Whether following a misadventure like Anne-Claire Coudray or on the beaches, the feet can be exposed to many environments and aggressions. Often put aside or maintained at the time of the shower, healthy feet are however essential for walking or wearing open shoes. Whether it’s sanding, scrub or simply cutting nails, this end of our body is also entitled to its relaxation and beauty treatments.

One of the easiest to make is undoubtedly the foot bath. Relaxing for the body, it also helps to improve health or the beauty of the toes or the palm. Moreover, there exists several recipes based on natural products allowing you to create good foot baths that are beneficial for both the mind and the feet.

The base to use for any good footbath

The first step is to prepare a foot bath base. This recipe can also be used to create a relaxing bath to make the skin more supple. In this, this foot bath is recommended before a scrub to increase its efficiency. To realize a foot baththe indispensable element is a basin filled with hot water. The water must be between 32 and 37° depending on the presence or absence of venous problems. She has to get to ankle height, i.e. between 4 and 5 liters.

Then you have to dilute in the hot water of the coarse salt or Epsom salt. This will have a relaxing effect on the skin. To give the water relaxing properties, it is possible to add essential oils. As Indian Haircombine lavender and tea tree essential oils allows you to relax while softening the skin of your feet. If this remains a basic recipe, enhancing it with other ingredients makes it possible to create specific treatments.

A purifying foot bath ideal for eliminating calluses

Unattractive, the horn can disappear with grater or pumice stone. But the foot bath is an original, natural and inexpensive alternative to overcome the callus formed on the heels or the palm. It also facilitates the use of the pumice stone on the affected areas and also stimulates blood circulation.

Once the base of the footbath has been prepared, it is necessary to add to the bath 2 coffee cups cider vinegar. To reduce the smell of vinegar, 5 drops of peppermint essential oil can be added to the preparation. After 15 minutes in this bath, the feet must be sanded then hydrated with a cream to give feet the softness of baby skin.

Moisturizing Coconut Foot Bath

For deep hydration, add a bit of coconut in the foot bath can work wonders. In addition, the captivating scent of this exotic fruit will bring a touch of escape to this beauty ritual. Two options are possible: add to the bath a cup of coconut oil (one of Audrey Dana’s beauty essentials) or 20 cl of coconut milk. In order to strengthen the moisturizing action of coconutit is possible to add to the mix two tablespoons of honey. After 10 to 15 minutes in this gourmet bath, the skin of the feet will be soft and perfectly hydrated.

Restore shine to yellowed nails with a lemon foot bath

If nails are discolored or take on yellow tints due to varnishes, the foot bath can restore their original color. For this, in addition to hot water and saltit is necessary to add to the foot bath the juice of a lemon plus a tablespoon of baking soda. Once the baking soda has dissolved, the nails can be immersed in this bath for 5 minutes at most. They will emerge radiant and regain their original pink color.

Photo credits: Apostolos Vamvouras

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