Rive Sud, a perfume brand specific to Oïa Beauté

Rive Sud, a perfume brand specific to Oïa Beauté

The Oïa Beauté network presents Rive Sud, its own perfume brand which celebrates its first anniversary in October.


Oïa Beauté is an original and attractive perfumery concept that offers many branded products at competitive prices: perfumes for men and women, skincare, make-up. Oïa Beauté offers expertise in care and salons.

Oïa Beauté is a network of selective perfumeries that offers perfumes, care, make-up and cosmetics from major brands for women, men and children.

Oïa Beauté launched Rive Sud in October 2021. Rive Sud is a premium french perfume brand whose scents correspond to multiple personalities and bring out a feeling of well-being through olfactory journeys.

Rive Sud’s inspiration dates back many years. Mr. Kia discovered the secret of natural essences with great perfumers from Grasse. In 1968, he moved to France and began working for the greatest perfumers, looking for new methods to sublimate the essences of perfumes.

Always, the South inspires by its multiple origins. In the heart of France, there is a South of land and sea. In 1981, the Kia family founded its own brand inspired by the South of France: these were the beginnings of Rive Sud.

Six different flavors make up the range:

  • STRENGTH : A particularly woody fragrance built around notes of sandalwood, incense and cedar and whose spicy opening of pink pepper brings dynamism.
  • MRS RIVE SOUTH: A fragrance built around a classic perfumery accord: chypre. Elegant and refined, the freshness of the top notes then opens onto a woody and sensual trail.
  • MARINDO: A fragrance built around a classic fern accord. An accord refreshed by citrusy top notes and modernized by woody base notes.
  • SOLEOU: A fresh and dynamic fragrance built around citrus and aromatic notes and whose base notes are particularly woody.
  • THE OCHER: A fragrance of character elaborated on powerful and distinguished woody base notes. The spicier notes bring sparkle and freshness.
  • JUICE: A delicate floral fragrance whose fruity start brings sparkle and dynamism.

The bias:

  • Succeed in transcribing all the sensoriality of the South in perfumes
  • Provide a point-of-sale experience.

Thus, the brand has set up a launch kit consisting of a gloryfier, an A4 sleeve, samples and posters. Rive Sud won over consumers and is now an integral part of Oïa Beauté. The network regularly hosts Rive Sud to bring the brand to life.

Find out more about the development of the Oïa Beauté network.

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