What are the opinions on the Steampod steam straightener?

avis lisseur vapeur Steampod

Are you a hairdressing specialist or an individual who likes to take care of their hair? Hair needs special attention. It is therefore advisable to choose the equipment necessary for their maintenance with care. Want to buy the Steampod steam straightener? Discover here the different opinions on this device from Oréal and Rowenta.

Aesthetic testimonials

The Steampod steam straightener stands out others by its aesthetic characteristics. According to various opinions, its design is classic with its two plates that produce heat. Whether Steampod 2 or 3, this straightener attracted many of customers.

It should be noted, however, that the Steampod 3 is less heavy than the 2. It is characterized by the tank placed in its handle and available in three different colors. The pink colored Steampod straightener is more suitable for people who like items suitable for the female universe. The black and white ones are suitable for all genders and are ideal to satisfy all tastes.

This model of straightener is appreciated for its ergonomic character and ability to multi-task. If the Steampod 2 has a weight of one and a half kilograms, the 3 weighs just 600 grams. This quality makes the latter a device easy to keep and to handle. Its finesse and the rotation cord allow the user to make movements as they wish.

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What do users think of the performance of this straightener?

This steam straightener has a great performance. Thus, it incorporates certain arrows that guide the user during smoothing. This helps to avoid going in the wrong direction and not having a successful operation.

A removable comb is incorporated to facilitate detangling hair. No matter how these are intertwined, this device is competent for the make smooth. While the Steampod 2 straightener can’t be faulted when it comes to power, the 3 works wonders with its 140W.

It releases heat well. This innovation also makes it possible to take advantage of certain degrees of temperature that most straighteners cannot diffuse. At 180°C, this model gives performance that you cannot get from other brands below 230°C.

What type of hair can the Steampod steam straightener be suitable for?

The various testimonials reveal the ability of this type of straightener to preserve any type of hair, whether it is fine, oily or bushy. This device incorporates a so-called “steam” technology which avoids direct exposure of the tufts to heat.

If you think that too high a temperature can harm your hair fiber, just use the tank of the straightener. This is done by filling it with a mineral free water. The use of this form of water is useful in order not to damage the device.

Through the “Intelligent Heat Control”, Steampod operates desired temperature by the user. The latter has the possibility of adjusting his device according to the resistance and needs of his hair. Even when exposed to a too much heatthe ceramic that makes up the straightener preserves the hair.

The use of this straightener model is possible even on colored hair. Model 3 has less flow than its predecessor. Thus, it not only helps to maintain the clarity of the hair, but limits the risk of breakage.

What about the relationship between quality and price?

It is necessary to understand that quality has a price. Indeed, the cost of the Steampod steam straightener may seem high except during black friday. Few smoothing devices available on the market can be purchased with an amount close to 200 euros.

However, this price is nothing compared to the profits what this material offers you. Consumers believe that its acquisition represents a very advantageous investment on the economic plan. This is explained by its resistance capacity and its many functions.

Instead of buying a regular hair straightener which may stop working after a while, this one does you a favor for a long time. The only recommended precaution to better enjoy it is the use of water without minerals in the tank. The value for money is therefore a reality with this work of the experts which has already satisfied several people.

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