How to ideally prepare your skin for winter with the Carbon Laser Peel

How to ideally prepare your skin for winter with the Carbon Laser Peel


Maison Lutétia: How to ideally prepare your skin for winter with the Carbon Laser Peel

La Maion Luétetia offers you various top-of-the-range treatments and treatments to help you face winter, discovery of the Carbon Laser Peel.

An exclusive French-style aesthetic medicine house, Maison Lutétia offers many treatments and unique moments to take care of your skin and fight against external aggressions and the effects of time. At the start of the school year, if we presented to you the mesotherapy applied in the center at the start of the last school yearthe center offers many targeted treatments for this winter, which will allow you to display radiant skin.

Carbon Laser treatment, Cellular Expert treatment, Collagen Booster treatment or even the House’s Signature treatment, discover in this article the “Carbon Laser Peel” treatment for skin prepared to withstand the cold temperatures of winter.

Carbon Laser Peel: For skin without unsightly pores

Objectives: Cleansed skin / Tightened pores / Refined skin texture / Regulated sebum production / A boost of radiance / Smoothed fine lines

This gentle laser peeling is tailor-made to allow you to find a nice skin texture! Designed to immediately tighten dilated pores, the Carbon Laser Peel helps regulate excess sebum and provides a tightening effect thanks to the heat emitted by the handpiece.

This 30-minute treatment will allow you to save your skin in distress and is divided into 5 steps:

Step 1: The skin is exfoliated to prepare it for treatment

The treatment begins with a thorough cleansing of the face using an enzymatic exfoliation. The fruit acids contained in the formula gently remove dead cells and rid the skin of impurities. This step also regulates the sebum of combination to oily skin and purifies dry and sensitive skin.

Step 2: The delicate application of the charcoal mask

Then a thin layer of the charcoal mask is applied using a brush. These fine charcoal particles penetrate deep into the pores, binding to dead cells, sebum and impurities. The treatment also has a mattifying action on the complexion, ideal for skin that tends to shine, or on which make-up struggles to stick.

Step 3: The first pass of the laser stimulates the production of collagen

The laser then acts, penetrating the heart of the dermis to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. This step stimulates cell regeneration in order to improve fine lines and boost the quality of the skin.

Step 4: The second pass of the laser explodes all the impurities

A second passage of the laser is necessary, this time in Q-Switch mode, to explode the carbon pigments in which the impurities are captured. This light abrasion instantly tightens pores and smoothes the epidermis for very soft skin.

Step 5: The complexion is illuminated thanks to targeted bleaching

To end this clear skin treatment in style, it is possible to carry out a final passage of the laser which allows the down of the face to be bleached, for a clearer and more even complexion. This step offers a real boost to the face, and this for several weeks. A moisturizer and sun protection are finally applied to protect your skin from external aggressions. You can repeat this session 3 to 6 times, with a period of two weeks between each session.

After the session, you will be able to see the improvements over the next few days as the skin regenerates. It is also preferable not to apply cosmetic products until the day after the treatment, to optimize the results and promote a better action. Only sunscreen and moisturizer are required to protect and nourish your skin. Find out more on the site

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