protect your hands from the cold!

protect your hands from the cold!

As much as the skin of the palms is quite thick, the skin on the top of the hands is very thin. This is why it is necessary to take care of it, and a fortiori in winter. Your handcuffs are indeed exposed to the cold, the wind, the humidity… Result: they are dry, irritated, even covered with cracks or crevices. Advice from Dr. Catherine Oliveres Ghouti, dermatologist in Paris.

The good gestures

After washing your hands, dry them thoroughly with a clean, dry towel or hand dryer, then apply a hand cream with restorative effects. Do you have a tendency to allergies? Avoid scented products. If your hands are very dry and damaged, apply a cream with a thick and greasy texture, such as Moraz Repairing Balm, every evening. (, with soothing and healing properties; Then put on cotton gloves for an hour, then take them off.

For domestic activities (washing up, cleaning, DIY, etc.), also protect your hands with gloves to avoid irritant dermatitis or even an allergy (red, cracked and burning hands). Outside, wear gloves to protect yourself from the weather. Be careful with hydroalcoholic gel: some can irritate the skin, or even cause cracks, cracks. If you are in this case and/or if you are prone to eczema, opt for a product with virucidal and lipid-replenishing properties (Lipo-alcoholic biphase treatment, Bioderma).

Increasing dermatoses

Many people suffering from psoriasis or eczema see their symptoms worsen in the cold season. The skin is red, covered with cracks, even crevices. She scratches a lot.

For contact eczema, the lesions appear more readily on the backs of the hands. Regarding atopic eczema (chronic disease), it occurs more on the palms. Same for psoriasis. For both diseases, the treatment is similar: apply year. a corticosteroid ointment every evening until the lesions disappear. Wash your hands with a very mild soap or a cleansing oil for reactive or atopic skin. Then apply a healing hand cream (every third wash).

Also think about your nails

In winter, they dry out and become brittle. The ritual to adopt: after carefully removing make-up from your nails with a mild solvent, apply castor oil to the nail plates and around the nails. Gently massage in small circular movements, then remove excess oil with a tissue. Apply a base, let it dry, then apply a varnish with silicon (two coats + top coat). The varnish forms a protective screen against UV, water and frost. Take a 3-month course of food supplements for hair and nails such as Novophane capsules ( to strengthen them. To be renewed once a year.

Frostbite and Raynaud’s Syndrome

These disorders, which can also affect the hands as well as the feet, have the same vascular origin. For frostbite, there is damage to the small vessels, which spasm. The signs (redness, painful sensations with sometimes blisters) occur especially in humid weather and when the mercury fluctuates between 5 and 10°C. They appear on the back of the hands or around the nails. To prevent them, take small doses of vasodilator drugs or beta-blockers (prescription).

The treatment can also be local. To face the cold, put on two pairs of gloves, a first pair in silk and, over them, leather or wool gloves (for the latter, take half a size more than your usual size). As for Raynaud’s syndrome, which is often hereditary, it is present all year round and gets worse during the winter. The fingers become completely white under the effect of the cold. It is very painful, especially when going from cold to hot. The treatment includes drugs (beta-blockers and vasodilators) taken orally as well as taking vitamin E. For these two dermatoses, apply a healing cream to the hands several times a day. And wash them off with a foaming oil or gel for sensitive and reactive skin.

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