These 20 Genius Health and Beauty Hacks Will Save You More Than Just Time and Money

The health and beauty industry are booming, with annual sales of more than $90 billion thanks to the steady wave of products.

 We’re always looking for the next best thing to whiten our skin or whiten our teeth, but that always means spending money on the latest fashion

What if I told you that getting creative with household items like Starbucks coffee and Colgate toothpaste can yield amazing results? The following trick may seem a little crazy, but it will save you valuable money.

1. Plump Your Lips with Concealer

Products Needed: Concealer 
What it Does: Adds shape and definition to your lips 
Cost: $5*

There was a time in the ’70s when lipstick was so common that we used concealer.

 Thankfully, we strayed from this destructive trend, but then the idea vanished entirely.

That doesn’t mean lips are still trendy, but if you don’t like fillers, apply concealer on top.

Use it on the middle part of your lips and blend it.

 It will make it look like you’re mad at your rival Kylie Jenner, but you won’t have to spend your hard-earned cash.

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